Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Now that the rant is out of the way...

I have seriously neglected this blog. It's horrible that I started this thing to express my mind to the world, and yet I still somehow manage to keep them to myself. Lots of things have changed since June:

-The Zombie story is still unfinished

-My EDC gear has been changed/updated, therefore
   1) The M&P won't be reviewed, as I no longer own it, which means the N82 Tactical and Blackhawk CQC holsters have been changed out for other options.
   2) The Droid 2 Global won't be reviewed, as it's been upgraded to a Droid 3

-The Sci-Fi short story never really got off the ground, as no matter what direction I took it, it still sounded too much like my favorite franchises... the idea was to come up with something different

-The Trooper has been under the weather lately, and it's had a few modifications done to it that I wasn't planning to include in the "review". I'm undecided as to whether or not I should still do it

I've also decided to forgo writing opinion posts, as they inevitably become rants as I type them, therefore when something really irritates me, I'll just post a rant about it, and add a disclaimer about how it's just my humble (yet accurate) opinion

All that said, assuming nothing else changes, here's what you may possibly see in the future:

-Review of various firearms, components and accessories

-A How-To section, which could include things in fields of technology & gadgets, firearms, and automotive

I've left all of those descriptions incredibly vague simply because it's all tentative. I want to do them, but I just don't know if I can get around to it with the schedule I've got going on right now. For all I know, this blog may remain dormant for another 6 months...

I sure hope not

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